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Sales Trading

  • 1st Equity & Equity-Linked Trading & Execution (Based on Commissions Paid) by Key FMs (Extel Survey, 2019)
  • 1st Delta One / ETFs (Extel Survey, 2019)
  • 2nd Trading & Execution (Based on Commissions Paid) by Key FMs (Extel Survey, 2019)
  • 2nd Hi-Touch Sales Trading (Extel Survey, 2019)
  • 2nd Electronic Trading (Extel Survey, 2019)
  • 5th Program/Portfolio Trading (Extel Survey, 2019)

Global Execution

Global Reach

Kepler Cheuvreux offers Sales-Trading, Trading and Alternative Execution Services to 100 execution venues..
Kepler Cheuvreux Execution Services provides a first class trading platform with experienced sales traders, traders utilising specialised quantitative analysis and IT expertise supported by efficient middle office for settlement.

Complete Range of Products & Services

Execution Services from Kepler Cheuvreux combine low latency direct market access and first-class, tailored-made client service.
Our expertise, platform and value-added services help you navigate through the liquidity maze and implement cost-effective solutions for the complex post-trade landscape.


A key element of our business, KeplerCheuvreux's Execution Services are one of the most complete and customisable solutions on the market. We offer Direct Market Access, Algorithmic Trading, Portfolio Trading and Sales-Trading.

Traders’ Guide

Please click on the link below to see our handy guide to trading rules for each of the markets where we offer execution access.
Traders’ Guide


Kepler Cheuvreux has dedicated Sector Trading Specialists handling execution and offers facilitation to clients upon request. Whether initiating or completing an order, our traders will provide competitive pricing for facilitation dependent on the size of the request and the available liquidity

Direct Market Access, & Algorithmic Trading

Kepler Cheuvreux is a leading provider of Direct Market Access and Algorithmic Trading to demanding buy-side, and sell-side clients. Our work doesn't stop with connectivity. Our desk of highly experienced staff is on hand to provide you with support. We believe effective, consistent execution quality comes from ongoing and open dialogue to ensure traders are using the right options, with the right customization to suit their trading style and alpha horizon.

Dedicated Quantitative research and development teams have been developing algorithms since 1998 and are focused on range of topics such as customized algorithm development, market impact modeling, microstructure & order book analysis, liquidity studies and the regulatory environment.

Portfolio Trading

Kepler Cheuvreux Portfolio Trading combines advanced technology & algorithms, with cutting edge analytics and expertise to deliver a comprehensive execution service.

Our teams of highly experienced sales traders and traders have helped build a reputation for excellence in Portfolio Trading. As an agency broker your portfolio is our only concern, we have no proprietary positions or market making algorithms to consider, your trade is our sole focus. No conflicts.

We also have a dedicated quantitative research team focused on a range of topics and able to produce bespoke reports or analytics upon request.


Through our expansive network we service all major institutional investors: pension funds, mutual funds, hedge funds, risk arbitrage specialists, private banks, and quant-driven funds.

We ensure a two-fold approach to best meet your needs:
Closer to the clients: Our pan-European Sales Trading teams are located closer to the domestic clients in all major European Centres and a dedicated team in the US, allowing services to be tailor-made to each of the clients' needs.
Closer to the product: We have professionals in Amsterdam, Boston, Brussels, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Milan, New York, Paris, Oslo, Stockholm and Zurich. This allows you to benefit from our multi-local presence with centralised operations and support.

We rely on our sales-traders to lead communications between buy-side clients and Kepler Cheuvreux's Execution Services, whether for single stocks, DMA, Algorithmic Trading, Portfolio Trading or Facilitation