Emerging Markets

Kepler CM Emerging Markets provide an intermediary match and execution service to its financial institution client base focusing in South African and Turkish Interest Rate Derivatives and Fwd FX products.
The two teams are based in Switzerland and are highly experienced and rated among the leading derivative brokers.

The South Africa desk provides service in FRA, IRS and Cross Currency Basis Swaps. This is now complemented with a forward FX team to reinforce Kepler`s market position.
The Turkey desk provides service in Spot and Forward FX, Cross Currency Swaps and Bonds.

Kepler`s focus on constantly building client relationships is based on price awareness and professional execution of trades. The platform and success of our EM teams is based on efficient price awareness and facilitating liquidity, while price discovery is enhanced by utilizing the synergy between the products.
Our constant aim is to provide value and professionalism to our clients.