Key figures

pan-European experienced sales

main locations in Europe

institutional clients

debt issuers covered in Credit Research

Dedicated sales team

The team is composed with 15 pan-European experienced sales and sales trader and is based in 3 main locations in Europe.

Focused on enhancing price discovery, facilitating information, facilitating enhanced liquidity via our grand range of contacts and improving market efficiency via our rapid access to liquidity. We offer execution services in principal, through confidentiality, voice/electronic and discrete bloc execution.


Our clients

We offer services to over 400 institutional clients: insurance companies, asset managers, pension funds, mutual funds, hedge funds, private banks, litigation and claims funds, private equity, family offices and corporates.

Our team is an alternative source of liquidity and an exclusive access to privileged flows from historical and international client base.

We have built a trust-worthy relationship with our clients and we do not bind them to any particular volume or set-up.

Credit Research

Kepler Cheuvreux Credit Research has an extensive coverage coupled with Kepler Cheuvreux Equity Research covering more than 1,000 companies. We have developed our own credit methodology to assess hybrid corporates, investment grades, High Yields and financials.

We use our own credit adjustments, liquidity assessment, analysis of bond documentation, bond comparison, relative value, peer group and systematic recommendations on bond curve and/or specific bonds.

Please find more information about our credit research here.

Fixed Income Products

> Investment grade
> High Yield
> Convertible bonds
> Distressed and special situations
> Sub-financials and structured notes
> Private placement and illiquid bonds


Primary Market

> Convertible bonds
> Euro PP
> Private placement
> Collateralised private debt