KC Invest

Kepler Cheuvreux Invest gives access to alternative investment strategies, from debt to equity, for institutional and private investors, as well as for asset managers.

Founded in 1998, KC Invest is a subsidiary of the Kepler Cheuvreux group and is a management company (AIFM) approved by the AMF (French authority).

KC Invest supports entrepreneurs and businesses in their financing needs across the entire capital structure.

KC Invest has a clear focus on growth SMEs and proposes various types of financing solutions ranging from Private Debt (Real Economy), to a mix of subordinated debt, quasi-equity and equity (Preferred Capital), to tech growth equity (Move Capital).

Areas of Expertise

Growth SMEs focus

Tailor-made solutions across the capital structure for specific needs of SMEs Support their organic and/or external growth, help to transition

Direct Investment

Proximity with Managers and long term investment approach, Customized execution.Active management of each line in portfolio

Fundamental Analysis

The same SMEs that require a differentiated sourcing also require a fundamental analysis that levers teams’ experience across economic cycles

Pan European approach

Leverage our French positioning, and access to European opportunities through the teams’ networks, plus KC’s proprietary dealflow

Arranger, not follower

A proven knowhow in identification, selection, arrangement coupled with a hands-on approach to deliver the full value of investments


ESG is at the core of our values Implemented at every single step of our investment process and by promoting “best effort” and continuous progress

KC Invest has three strategies:

> Real Economy proposes private debt financing to SMEs to support their medium- to long term projects, in addition to,or in place of, traditional bank financing.

> Preferred Capital supports founding managers, family shareholders, and management teams who wish to become independent. Preferred Capital can also help Private Equity or any other investment funds in structuring their transmission operations.

> Move Capital is a growth equity investment strategy specialising in B2B technology companies offering digital services and solutions to large corporations facing digitalization challenges (please see below).

The KCI team members are seasoned investment professionals who contribute, through their involvement alongside the managers of the companies, to the reflections on their strategic orientation, the evolution of their governance, and the optimisation of their financial resources. KCI Team also provides tailor-made assistance in the implementation of external growth.

ESG is at the core of KC Invest values and is implemented at every stage of the investment process by promoting best practice and continuous progress.

More information: KC Invest website

Move Capital

Move Capital is KC Invest’s growth capital strategy. Move Capital focuses on B2B technology companies offering services and solutions to large corporations facing digitalization challenges.

Move Capital was created by four partners who combined unique expertise in the technology and communications industry with unparalleled levels of both financial and operational skills. The partners have an outstanding track record of investing, scaling up and successfully exiting companies in the B2B technology sector.

More information: Move Capital website