Created in 2011, this business line – based in Paris, Geneva, and Zurich – now employs more than 40 experienced professionals, one third of whom are financial engineers. The team embodies five fundamental values to serve their clients: creativity, adaptability, independence, cohesion, and stability.

Kepler Cheuvreux Solutions’ offering and services are based on four pillars:

1) Cross-asset research, relying on the largest equity coverage in Europe, with more than 100 analysts.

2) Financial engineering, designing differentiating investment solutions in full independence.

3) Open architecture, giving privileged access to more than 30 issuing banks.

4) Personalised follow-up, combining local commercial support and the implementation of dedicated digital solutions.

Taking no position on the financial markets, Kepler Cheuvreux objectively detects the best investment opportunities for its clients. Its unique positioning allows it to meet the needs of institutional investors, asset managers, and distribution networks in Europe and Latin America.

Kepler Cheuvreux celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2021. To find out more about the history of the business line and discover the portrait videos of its teams, please click here.

Our key figures

*Source: Gestion de Fortune from 2016 to 2021

structured products issued per year

issuing bank partners (Europe, America, Asia)

people on our team

independent structured product provider in France*

A diversified product offer

Structured Solutions

As an alternative to direct financial investments (stocks, bonds, currencies, etc.), Kepler Cheuvreux Solutions offers entirely customisable structured solutions on all asset classes, tailored to each investor’s market conditions and objectives.

Research Solutions

Kepler Cheuvreux Solutions synthesises the best of Kepler Cheuvreux Research, combining top-down and bottom-up approaches, and integrates it into its investment solutions.

Index Solutions

Kepler Cheuvreux Solutions has developed a range of over 30 indices in order to offer investors an innovative quantitative approach, an easily investible universe, and relevant underlying assets for tailor-made investment solutions. The business line collaborates with banks and independent index providers to provide market indices that are suited to investment solutions, regulatory constraints, and investors’ needs.

Fixed Income Solutions

To enable clients to effectively price, buy, and sell their discounted and often less liquid assets, Kepler Cheuvreux Solutions has created its own team dedicated to these types of assets. The business line provides liquidity and pricing solutions for the trading of distressed debt and structured products.

Asset Management Solutions

Kepler Cheuvreux Solutions offers investors a wide range of differentiating and performing external funds selected rigorously in order to provide long-term value to clients.