Foundation Activity Report – Q3 2021

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The Kepler Cheuvreux Foundation
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Dutch public benefit foundation (ANBI)

Amsterdam 5th October 2021: Q3 Activity report

After a very busy Q2 with a large round of disbursements to beneficiaries and the successful fund raising from the North-South Challenge, Q3 was a quieter quarter which allowed the Board time for reflection on the long-term future of the Foundation. The Foundation’s Board has decided to move gradually away from the initial donation focus which prompted the Foundation’s creation (i.e. helping to alleviate the effects of the COVID pandemic) to more long-term, ‘anchor’ projects. The Board has decided to concentrate its future donations on two areas which are key planks of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals:

  1. The nurturing, protection & education of children & teenagers (UN Sustainable Development goals: Good health & well-being; Quality Education). 
  2. Charities which are tackling ESG issues (UN Sustainable Development goals: Affordable & Clean living, Sustainable Cities & Communities; Responsible Consumption and Production).

The KC Foundation was set up in a crisis to help alleviate some of the effects of the COVID pandemic. To-date we have distributed € 1,7m to beneficiaries. If all goes to plan, we should have an additional € 600k to distribute by year end (depending on the success of our 2nd Charity Trading Day).

Thank you for your interest and support ! If you have any comments or questions, please send them to: [email protected]

Best regards,

Robert Buller

Secretary, on behalf of the Kepler Cheuvreux Foundation