Foundation Activity Report – Q4 2022

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Dutch public benefit foundation (ANBI)

Amsterdam 5th January 2023: Q4 2022 Activity report

Following a highly successful Charity Trading Day held on US Thanksgiving (November 24th), which raised € 402 000, the Foundation disbursed a further € 880 906 in Q4 2022 to nineteen beneficiaries in eight European countries. The beneficiaries are a mix of the nine anchor projects, eight food banks (given the cost of living crisis in Europe) and two new one-off beneficiaries: CRIS Cancer France and Make a Wish Nederland.

The Charity Trading Day, held on 24th November (US Thanksgiving) involved around 160 employees – 67% of front office staff. The total raised, € 402 000, was an 8% increase on the previous year on a day when activity is traditionally very subdued in the equity markets. 

In November, the Foundation was fortunate enough to witness its giving in action when two representatives were invited to the Necker-Enfants Malades children’s hospital to assist at an operation on a critically ill child. The Foundation helps to fund the operation of the Visualase robotic laser which was used in this case to remove the brain lesion of a child suffering from severe epilepsy. The Visualase machine is also used to treat brain tumours in children and has been proven to decrease morbidity and accelerate post-operative recovery.

Since its creation in March 2020 and its legal incorporation in June 2020, the Foundation has distributed a total of € 3.78 million to beneficiaries by end 2022.  The foundation’s current donation efforts are focused on medical organisations dedicated to children (Necker-Enfants Malades children’s hospital, Het Vergeten Kind (the Forgotten Child) etc. and food banks.

The Foundation’s income in 2022 comes from Kepler Cheuvreux itself via monthly donations, voluntary deductions from bonus for 81 employees, payroll deductions, the Charity Trading Day, a Kepler Cheuvreux sports week held in June where clients were encouraged to make contributions and from the auction of some signed football shirts received from the clubs of famous footballers.

The Foundation is always open to donations. Kepler Cheuvreux has continued to contribute €50,000 per month since the Foundation was launched. Other exciting fundraising events are planned for 2023 that will allow the Foundation to expand its philanthropic efforts across Europe.

Thank you for your interest and support ! If you have any comments or questions, please send them to: [email protected]

Best regards,

Robert Buller

Secretary, on behalf of the Kepler Cheuvreux Foundation