Paris, 18 May 2021

Kepler Cheuvreux announced today the launch of Kepler Cheuvreux Discovery, a brand new video research platform exclusively dedicated to the discovery of investment ideas.

Building on the experience and success in hosting virtual events throughout 2020, such as the Kepler Cheuvreux Autumn Conference, the platform combines an immersive video experience with the best of Kepler Cheuvreux’s research convictions across a selection of highly curated topics.

The platform offers daily updates in several different types of formats, including:

> Morning Pitches, a 3 min introduction to a new piece of research
> Educational, deep dive into a complex topic or theme
> Market Chatter, specialist sales highlights of the week
> Convictions, in-depth presentation on one of Kepler Cheuvreux Research convictions
> Strategy, in-depth strategy presentation

Additionally, within the platform, clients have exclusive access to corporate access events and unique expert talks and interviews with renowned business leaders, politicians, and leading economists.

Using its innovative video formats and placing analysts at the centre of Kepler Cheuvreux Discovery, the Group goes beyond the industry-standard research report, giving clients a more engaging and personalised way of consuming research.

“Kepler Cheuvreux Discovery is highly complementary to our traditional research platform. It aims at leveraging technology to bring the best of our research to our clients, high value-added content and unique investments opportunities.” said Arnaud Girod, Co-Head of Institutional Research.

You can find the presentation video here.