We are witnessing an increase in fraud attempts via “phishing” techniques, including domain names impersonating Kepler Cheuvreux and/or its employees, such as “@keplerschevreux.com” or “@keplerscheuvreux.com” instead of “@keplercheuvreux.com”. Kepler Cheuvreux recommends that you be particularly attentive and vigilant.

If you are unsure about an email, on a website or any other material, you can contact your dedicated contact at Kepler Cheuvreux or at the following address: https://www.keplercheuvreux.com/en/contactkc/

You can also consult the blacklists and alerts published by the ACPR and AMF by clicking on this link.

Kepler Cheuvreux, Investment Firm, reminds you that it is not authorised to receive funds from its clients and reminds you that only a banking institution is authorised to receive funds.

Current regulations also require the signing of various documents with your contact person before any transaction. Generally, no transaction can take place before a complete file has been filled in and validated.

The products and services of Kepler Cheuvreux are intended for professional clients only and not for individual customers. Therefore, Kepler Cheuvreux does not contact private individuals.

Finally, before transferring any money, Kepler Cheuvreux strongly recommends that you check your contact’s authorisation with the register of insurance, banking, and financial intermediaries.