Kepler Cheuvreux Invest announces its adhesion to the iCI (Initiative Climat International)

Paris, 25 February 2022,

Kepler Cheuvreux Invest (KCInvest) takes part in the Initiative Climat International (“iCI”) in order to be part of the Private Equity’s concerted action against climate change.

The Initative Climat International was originally launched as the iC20 by a group of French private equity firms who decided, in November 2015, to join forces and contribute, within their means, to the COP21 objective of limiting global warming below 2 degrees Celsius.

Within the UNPRI framework, of which Kepler Cheuvreux Invest is a participant, the iCI manifesto involves 3 commitments which are fully in line with KCInvest’s ESG values and policy:

  • To acknowledge that climate change will have impacts on the economy, both with risks and opportunities for investments;
  • To contribute in achieving the Paris Cop 21’s target of holding global warming below 2°C;
  • To reduce portfolio companies’ greenhouse gas emissions and to ensure a more sustainable investment performance.

iCI develops measurement tools and methodologies in order to monitor our investee companies’ environmental impact. These tools will help Kepler Cheuvreux Invest and its portfolio companies’ managers reduce their corporate carbon footprint through pragmatic solutions.