Stichting The Kepler Cheuvreux Foundation

RSIN (Legal Entities and Partnerships Identification Number): 861221825


Visiting address & mail address:

The Kepler Cheuvreux Foundation
Johannes Vermeerstraat 9
1071 DK Amsterdam


Purpose of the ANBI

The Kepler Cheuvreux Foundation is a Dutch public benefit organisation entitled to the status of Dutch ANBI (Algemeen nut beogende instelling) since it is totally dedicated to public benefit actions. The Kepler Cheuvreux Foundation has been created in the Netherlands to help with Pan European fundraising and grants, in line with the Pan European footprint of the Kepler Cheuvreux group. Thanks to the ANBI status of the Foundation, donations may be eligible to tax deductions with some conditions in most European countries.


Highlights of the policy plan

Kepler Cheuvreux Group is a leading pan-European financial services company, active in research, intermediation and advisory. It was founded in 1997.

Kepler Cheuvreux Group’s employees share key values: Independence, commitment, entrepreneurial mindset and social and environmental awareness.

Kepler Cheuvreux is a truly entrepreneurial business with employees and management owning more than a quarter of the share capital.

Through its multi-local footprint, the group has been highly sensitive to the social and health impacts of the coronavirus crisis in the 13 countries where it operates, and has put a strong emphasis on the protection of its employees and clients since the very beginning of the crisis. 

Aware of its social responsibility, the group now wants to go a step further by contributing substantially and concretely to common good, involving its employees, clients and partners, in the context of the coronavirus crisis and, beyond, over the next years. 

The Kepler Cheuvreux Foundation pursues several objectives that are defined in Article 2.1. of its Articles of Incorporation :

“The foundation has been formed to pursue the following objects: 
a. to promote a society in which everyone can access quality healthcare and benefit from medical innovations, including in contexts of crises when healthcare systems may be overloaded. To that end, the foundation will transparently support non-profit public and private health institutions and the projects they will promote; 
b. to support charitable organisations which are supporting, in the short term, the victims of the economic & social consequences of the crisis due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), and in the longer term, deprived people; 
c. to support other charity projects related to wider objectives, such as education, science and research, in accordance with its charity nature and its willingness to promote common good in Europe; 
d. to collaborate with, to incorporate, to participate in, to coordinate and further develop activities of other legal persons and organizations that are engaged in any of the activities set forth in article 2.1 under a., b. and in any related matters, in the broadest sense.”

The Kepler Cheuvreux Foundation is a non-profit organisation, and will only support non-profit organisations, whether public or private. As a result, the Foundation does not aim to make any profit.

To reach its objectives, the Kepler Cheuvreux Foundation will, in particular:
> Support public and private healthcare services providers in Europe, in particular in critical contexts,
> Support charitable organisations which are supporting, in the short term, the victims of the economic & social consequences of the Covid-19 crisis, and in the longer term, deprived people,
> Support non-profit private and public healthcare research institutions throughout Europe,
> Support European institutions hosting elderly or disabled people.

Positions of the directors

The Kepler Cheuvreux Foundation’s Board is composed of five directors, including a Chairman, a Treasurer and a Secretary. The directors do not receive any remuneration from the Foundation.

The administration of the Foundation is managed by the Board. Board members are appointed for a period of 4 years. Their mandate can be renewed not more than twice. They are selected and elected by the Board of the Kepler Cheuvreux Foundation, initially among the managers of the group, with an objective of geographic diversity to reflect the multi local footprint of the Kepler Cheuvreux group. The Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Kepler Cheuvreux is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Kepler Cheuvreux Foundation. 

Names of the directors

Mr. Laurent Quirin, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Mr. Ruggero Bottazzi
Mr. Robert Buller, Secretary of the Board of Directors and Treasurer of the Foundation
Mr. Jose Hernandez
Mr. Marlon Kelly

Remuneration policy

The foundation does not employ any staff. It is driven by the board (and board members are not paid). Some activities will be outsourced (such as accounting) to external providers.

Report of the activities that have already been carried out

The Foundation undertakes to report on its charitable disbursements to beneficiaries on a quarterly basis both on this web-site and by email to donors. 
Q2 2020 – Activity report >CLICK HERE
Q3 2020 – Activity report >CLICK HERE

Financial statements

The Foundation operates on a calendar year basis. Accounting is subcontracted to an external accountancy firm which will prepare the financial statements to be audited as the case may be. The implementation of accounting and preparation of financial statements has been outsourced to EY. The financial statements and explanatory notes are approved each year by the Board and published on the Foundation’s website within the prescribed period.

You can find more information about the foundation here.